The huge rise in veganism has meant that there are finally bucket-loads of vegan products to choose from – but a delicious, vegan granola is still hard to come by. Not to worry, Lizi’s Granola is one granola brand that uses tasty treacle instead of honey to bind the oats  – making it 100% vegan!

The whole range from Lizi’s Granola is vegan, from tempting Treacle & Pecan Granola to heavenly High Protein Granola, there’s something for everyone. Even if you’re intolerant to gluten, Lizi’s provides a delectable Gluten Free Granola with the perfect crunch, so even coeliacs don’t have to miss out!

We’ve rounded up our all-time favourite Lizi’s Granola products to show you how easy breakfast can be when you’re vegan!

Lizi’s High Protein Granola – RRP £3.99

Only a single serving of Lizi’s High Protein Granola will give you 27% of your daily protein needs, which is perfect for a vegan whose diet may not provide as much protein as the average meat-eaters diet!

Available from Sainsbury’s.

Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola – RRP £3.89

Your breakfast doesn’t have to taste like cardboard to be healthy AND vegan! Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola is the perfect option for a healthy week-day breakfast. The total sugar content of this deliciously sweet granola is only 4%!

Available from Waitrose.

Lizi’s Belgian Chocolate Granola – RRP £3.69

Vegans might miss yummy breakfasts, but they must miss good chocolate even more! Lizi’s Belgian Chocolate Granola is the perfect breakfast to satisfy your sweet spot, and it’s healthier than a big bar of chocolate for breakfast!

Available from Amazon.


Lizi’s Pink Apple and Cinnamon Granola – RRP £3.69

Winter is well on the way and so are the cravings for winter spices like cinnamon. Lizi’s Pink Apple and Cinnamon Granola is here to satisfy those cravings with sweet cinnamon paired with sharper apple to balance out the two flavours.

Available at Lizi’s.co.uk.


Lizi’s Gluten-Free Granola – RRP £4.99

Vegans who are also on a gluten-free diet still don’t have to miss out on yummy plant-based breakfasts. Lizi’s Gluten-Free Granola is stuffed full of good-for-you nuts like cashews, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts to make sure there’s no compromise on flavor.


Available at Lizi’s.co.uk.




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