– Alchemy Super Blends have specially crafted the perfect accompaniment for any trip.
– Complete with 4 unique elixirs: Sport, Beauty, Morning and Energy.

Alchemy Super Blends have perfectly encapsulated the wants and needs of the modern consumer and have created the ultimate accessory for any trip – The Voyager Pack.

Containing 4x sachets of Alchemy’s best-loved Elixirs, the Voyager Pack is ideal for relaxing beach holidays, spa breaks, cultural city trips and even crazy weekends away. Each superfood blend is carefully crafted to help promote a positive and realistic change based on the individual requirements and goals – just add to your favourite smoothies, juices or porridge or take as a shot with a little water for a quick and simple hit of pure goodness.

Founder Karen Newbury, a qualified nutritionist, is a huge believer in the transformative power of food so set out to create Alchemy Super Blends and tailor-made each pack to work naturopathically with your body while providing you with an essential source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein that our often stressed out body’s need on a daily basis!

The Voyager Pack contains 1x Beauty Elixir, 1x Energy Elixir, 1x Morning Elixir and 1x Sport Elixir – each unique elixir is 40g which equates to 4 servings and are packed with the specific nutrients needed to combat modern ailments using only the purest, unadulterated, organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

The Beauty Elixir combines some of the world’s most antioxidant-rich super berries and leaves to help protect our skin against sun radical damage, a must for any holiday! Not only is it a saviour against sun-damage but through its blend of goji, acai and Camu Camu this collagen supporting, and protein-rich super blend is also amazing at boosting your inner glow to help you look and feel your best day after day.

Use the naturopathic Energy Elixir, created using 5 organic nutrient-dense whole foods aimed at helping your body feel more energised to help combat jet-lag or general fatigue. Its unique and organic formula helps to give you a natural energy boost of Vitamin C and B, along with Iron, plant protein and the stress ‘adaptogen’ Maca designed to work with your body naturopathically without the need for additional stimulants.

Struggling after an early morning flight or just needing a quick detox for the morning after. The Morning Elixir, dubbed Alchemy’s Daily Nutrient Booster is packed full of liver nourishing greens as well as iron, folic acid and 100% of your Daily Recommend Requirement of Vitamin C to help with fatigue.

If you are on a more adventurous trip, The Sport Elixir will become your best friend. This post-exercise nutrient booster is an organic blend of vegan hemp and pea protein, combined with wheatgrass, lucuma, Camu Camu and acai which helps with post-recovery muscle burn and repair. Perfect for yoga or wellness retreats, hiking or just too much dancing.

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