Five fanatical fish chefs and five meticulous meat chefs will be battling it out for the top dish prize at the second annual Meat V Fish contest taking place at Flat Iron Square, Bankside, on Wednesday 23rd May, in aid of Hospitality Action. The event is being sponsored by Fullers, which is donating free Frontier Larger and Cornish Cider.

Meat V Fish is a unique opportunity to sample 10 of London’s finest restaurants in one of the capital’s most vibrant outdoor eating venues for a fraction of the cost of an evening out. Organised by luxury hospitality recruitment agency, The Change Group, this is a must attend evening for anyone who loves trying a specially created selection of inspired new dishes that bring out the best in Britain’s renowned responsibly-sourced British meat and fish, crafted by some of the capital’s most celebrated chefs.

A delicate crab and samphire dish created by Anglo’s executive chef, Mark Jarvis, was the outright winner at the fiercerly contested inaugural Meat V Fish in September 2017, and The Change Group donated over £5000 to the chosen charity, Action Against Hunger.

This year, chefs taking part in the 2018 challenge in the fish corner include, Polpo’s James Brown, Joe Sharratt at The Other Naughty Piglets, and Richard Kirkwood from The Wright Brothers and Josh Niemiec from Leap, and Michael Blizzard from The Half Moon (Fullers), who are all already busily designing the perfect fish dish to win the top prize.

Meanwhile, in the meat corner, the contenders include Hawksmoor’s Simon Cotterill, Zelman’s Olly Bird, Oliver Gladwin from Nutbourne Restaurant, Sam White from Hixter and Jenny Warner of The Thomas Cubitt, each vying to prove that meat is still top dog for the capital’s fine dining enthusiasts.

Jenny Warner, head chef at The Thomas Cubitt, said, “Meat vs Fish is a great event where people who are passionate about sustainable food get together and enjoy quality food. We all have one goal, to keep meat and fish on the menus for generations to come.

“Everyone is hyping vegetarian food. It’s said to be better for your health and for the planet but is that really so? Goat’s cheese, for example, is a vegetarian staple. As only female goats produce milk, billy goats end up being killed at birth. How is that sustainable? I believe it is important to consume in proportion, to eat better quality and less. Mass production of meat and vegetables, and over fishing are killing the planet, not eating meat and fish. As long as we commit to sustainable farming methods, with animal welfare being a top priority, eating meat and fish has lots of nutritional benefits.”

Craig Allen, founder and director of  The Change Group, said, “We hold this annual challenge as a showcase for some of the top meat and fish cuisine in the capital. It is about giving something back to the hospitality community, drawing attention to the extraordinary gastronomic talent and cuisines that London can offer, and creating unique experiences from some of our best British products. We are looking forward to another very hard fought battle!”

All proceeds from the evening will be donated by The Change Group to Hospitality Action, a charity that offers vital assistance to those who work or have worked within UK hospitality and who find themselves in crisis.

Hospitality Action supports people suffering from physical and mental life-changing illnesses and also helps people who are experiencing poverty, domestic violence, addiction, legal or financial difficulty and bereavement. In 2017 the charity spent almost £750k supporting over 2,000 hospitality workers in need of help, and just under £70k per year was used to help hospitality workers in London.

Meat V Fish
Thursday 23rd May
From 6.00pm
Flat Iron Square
Tickets: £10 per ticket for entry or £25 per ticket which includes two free dishes and a free drink

Tickets and info will go live on 1 May 2018 via the link below:

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